Our Design

Encouraging Sensory Simulation

Parkside Inn has many elements designed to enhance sensory simulation f0r 0ur residents. Our residence features matte surfaces for tabletops, gloss-free flooring and specially controlled lightning…all which reduce distracting glare. Heightened contrast is reflected in color and design themes throughout the building.

Resident Care Station

Parkside Inn has an “open” design plan that allows monitoring of residents in a dignified and unobtrusive manner. Our trained professional staff is able to see and hear residents from the Care Station and throughout the residence.

Day Room: The Center of Activity

The Day Room is the centerpieces of community attraction. It is designed to encourage residents to take part in appropriate group activities throughout the day. Additional areas are reserved for residents who would rather not engage in structured activities.

We offer a full range of activities designed specifically to provide mental, physical, and sensory stimulation to residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia-related disorders.

Outdoor Accessibility

Residents many enjoy a safe patio. A therapeutic setting offers the opportunity for socializing or solitary time. Interaction with natural elements-such as sunshine and fresh air-is an important aspect of life that is enhanced during visit to our patio.

A Secured Residence

Monitored doors and a resident-friendly design provide for security and controlled access. Your loved one will remain secure within Parkside Inn, without suffering the irritation that can sometimes occur in a confined setting.

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