About Us

Parkside Inn – Alzheimer’s Assisted Living – Florida

Located in Boynton Beach Florida, the Parkside Inn is a comfortable, home like setting offering your loved ones Alzheimer’s & Dementia assisted living with specialized care, understanding and patience. We are uniquely able to handle the needs of your family members who have been diagnosed with a memory disorder.

Highly Trained and Committed Staff

Our staff members receive regular training in all areas of Alzheimer’s and dementia care and we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of assisted living care possible while maintaining a home like feel for our residents. Our goal at Parkside Inn is to provide you with peace of mind each and every day.You will know your loved one is receiving the best assisted living care in a warm, home like environment.

Our Uniquely Designed Facility

Parkside Inn’s design encourages meaningful wandering. Our community layout minimizes decision points to ensure residents will not become frustrated or disoriented. Our open design allows for professional staff monitoring while being unobtrusive. Our caring and positive environment, coupled with 24 hr staffing, allows staff to detect any changes in needs in a timely manner and meet those needs in a private and dignified way.

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